Social Media and Science Communication

For the occasion of the PAIS conference in Trieste, APECS Italy is organizing a workshop about the use of Social Media to effectively communicate science to the wider public.


The ability to communicate our research is often undervalued. Instead, the capability to clearly expose the results of our research to a large public is fundamental.

Involve, impassion, educate. These are the three objectives that every researcher should have in mind when concluding a project.

In a society in which the relationship with scientific topics is becoming fragile, it is unavoidable to use multimedia tools of information and to be efficiently present on social media, the main stage of discussion (and often of conflict). The workshop, organized as a collateral event of PAIS Conference, aims to provide basic practical tools to better organize your social media presence, after an overview on traditional and multimedia information tools thanks to the participation of experts.

Practical Information and Registration

When? September 11th – 6:00 PM
Where? Stazione Marittima – Molo Bersaglieri 3 – Trieste – Room: Saturnia
Who? Peter Barrett (Antarctic Research Centre), Enrico Maria Balli (JCOM – SISSA), Giulia Annovi (Scientific Freelance Journalist – SISSA), Emilio Antoniol (Officina – Artec), Angela Del Prete (Social Media Manager), Giulia Massolino (OGS)
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