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cometti valentina

msc STUDENT, University of Genoa

I am a master's student in marine biology. I am working on bryozoans with a focus on morphological, molecular and distributional aspects.

durazzano tiziana

MsC Student, University of Genoa

I am a master’s student from the University of Genoa. When not dreaming of visiting Antarctica I pursue my interest in biological oceanography and planktology.


PhD student, University of Siena

Currently PhD Student at the University of Siena. I work on Antarctic Echinoderms using morphological and molecular approach with main focus on convergent evolution and cryptic diversity in the ophiuroids.

noli nicholas

PhD STUDENT, University of Siena

PhD in Polar Sciences (University of Siena), currently working for MNA (Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide) – Genova section, focusing on the study of Southern Ocean isopods.

coppolaro veronica

PHD STUDENT, University of Manitoba and Fisheries and Oceans

Assessing the impacts of increasing vessel underwater noise on marine mammals in the Canadian Arctic using passive acoustics to monitor potential changes in their vocal behavior and movements.

gai giulia

msc student, university of Siena

I am graduating in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability. During my Bachelor I did an Erasmus in Helsinki, while from January I will be at the Norwegian Polar Institute. I scuba-dive.

leo patrick

PhD Student, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Cellular and Molecular Biologist. PhD project focus on the detection of biosignatures from fossilized and living cryptoendolithic communities from McMurdo Dry Valleys (Antarctica) to be applied in the field of astrobiology.

Uboldi Thomas

PhD STUDENT, Université du Quebec à Rimouski (UQAR)

PhD in oceanography concerning the effect of cargo ship noise on the physiology and behaviour of marine invertebrates to assess the impact of new trade routes in the Arctic.

Cucini Claudio

PHD STUDENT, university of siena

I am Molecular Biologist and I am studying Antarctic Collembola biodiversity through bioinformatic methods

Grillo Marco

phd student, university of Siena

Marco Grillo research activity focuses on Antarctic Planktology. Currently he is doing his PhD at University of Siena focusing on Antarctic Pteropods.

Merialdi alessia

bsc student, university of genoa

I'm a student of Biological Science at the University of Genoa. I’m doing my three-years thesis on Antartic Echinoderms and Porifera.

Valle barbara

PhD STUDENT, University of Milano

Naturalist, I study plants and arthropods of Alpine glaciers, focusing on supraglacial environments and their ecological role as refugia during interglacial periods for cryophilic organisms, in particular springtails and carabids