The Italian National board is made up of 6 postdocs and PhD students from different Italian institutions







National Committee Representative



National Committee Representative


Pier Paolo

Member of the board



Member of the board



Member of the board


Postdoctoral researcher: Institute of Polar Sciences – National Research Council of Italy.

Research fields: Glaciology, Remote Sensing

Graduated in Natural Sciences, he carried out a PhD about the ablation areas in Antarctica by remote sensing applications and now deals with the analysis of Bio-Geo Albedo feedback at the Antarctic Ice-Sheet margins

Member of the board Pier Paolo Alfei

PhD student: 2nd year in Institutions and Politics, Catholic University of Milan

Research fields: History of International Relations

His PhD project focuses on the role played by Italy in Arctic exploration, with particular regard to the relation between polar expeditions and diplomacy. 

Member of the board elena bianco

PhD student: 3rd year in Climate Change. University Ca’ Foscari of Venice

Research fields: Climate Dynamics, Sea Ice

Obtained a Master’s degree at the University of East Anglia with a thesis on sea ice conditions in the Northwest Passage. Her PhD is in collaboration with the Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation (ODA) research division at CMCC in Bologna and focuses on Arctic sea ice variability and its interactions with the atmosphere and the ocean at short time scales.

National Committee Representative marianna d'amico

PhD student: 3rd year in Polar Sciences. University Ca’ Foscari of Venice

Research fields: Contaminants in Polar Regions

She is a geologist with a M.Sc. in Climate Change from the University of
Copenhagen and a Master in Environmental Risk from the Technical University
of Madrid. Her PhD project focuses on the presence, transport, and fate of
emerging contaminants in different matrices in polar regions.

National Committee Representative Alice Guzzi

PhD student: 3rd year in Environmental, Geological and Polar Sciences and Technologies. University of Siena.

Research fields: Marine Ecology

Graduated in Marine Sciences, at the University of Genoa. During the PhD she work on Antarctic Echinoderms using morphological and molecular approach and analyze convergent evolution and cryptic diversity in Ophiuroids.

Member of the board Martina tenti

PhD student: 3rd year in Polar Sciences. University Ca’ Foscari of Venice

Research fields: Geophysics, Polar Geomorphology

Graduated in Exploration and Applied Geophysics, at the University of Pisa. Her PhD project focuses on geophysical data processing and interpretation to detect geomorphological structures formed on the seafloor during advance and retreat phases of Antarctic Ice Sheet after the Last Glacial Maximum.